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Residents in Estero are conveniently sandwiched along Florida’s Gulf Coast between Naples and Fort Myers. Many homeowners in this small and quiet village love to kick back and relax by the beach, however the warm and humid climate can also attract unwanted pests and rodents. If you’ve started to notice creepy crawlers near your home’s ceilings or windows, it may be time to contact a professional pest control service to help remedy the problem. At Palm Coast Pest Control, we’ve helped hundreds of residents throughout Estero remedy pest issues and we even offer seasonal pest treatments for those stubborn termites, ants, and spiders. If you’re looking for an experienced and dependable exterminator in Florida, contact our professionals today!

Estero Pest Control Specialists

If you’ve ever tried to eliminate pests on your own, you already know how challenging and time consuming it can be. From cockroaches and earwigs to bees and wasps, our pest control specialist know how to effectively rid your home or commercial property of unwanted creepy crawlers. We also specialize in the extermination of post hurricane Irma ants and palmetto bugs as well.

Rodent Control in Estero

While living in Estero has many amazing benefits, the warm Florida climate provides many favorable conditions for unwanted rodents and rats to flourish. Rats and mice can be extremely problematic in landscaped developments where their natural harborage has been plowed or replaced by homes or businesses. With limited food sources and safe places to hide, there’s a good chance these rodents will take shelter in the dry comforts of your attic, crawl space, or landscape. Besides being disease-carriers, rodents can cause serious damage to the structure of your property. At Palm Coast Pest Control, we understand how challenging it can be to rid your home of rats, which is why we offer professional rodent baiting services throughout Florida. Contact us today to learn more!


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