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Known as the commercial center for Lee County, Fort Myers is home to nearly 80,000 residents and has been described as the gateway to Southwest Florida. One of the most notable attractions of the region is The Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium. Featuring aviaries for birds and butterflies, as well as nature trails and a museum, there is a little something for everyone at this landmark. The Fort Myers area also boasts a historic downtown region with a wide variety of activities as well. While there is plenty to see and do in the area, the region also comes with a wide variety of native pests and rodents that have been known for making their way indoors. If you’re a Fort Myers resident or commercial property owner in need of professional extermination, Palm Coast Pest Control is here to help.

Fort Myers Pest Control Pros

Southwest Florida is known to have several different types of insects that can be problematic if proper extermination measures are not taken to protect residential and commercial properties. At Palm Coast Pest Control, our highly trained technicians are adept at providing industry-leading pest control services that will take care of any problem pest. From palmetto bugs, termites, and bed bugs to wolf spiders, midges, and ticks, we have all of your pest control needs covered.

Fort Myers Rodent Control Experts

In addition to small, troublesome insects, our area also hosts its fair share of destructive rodents that have been known to make themselves at home in houses and businesses. Among the many species of rodents that are common to the region, house mice, roof rats, and Norway rats are among the most common, and regardless of what type of rodent situation you have on your property, our baiting skills are second to none.

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