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10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Pest Control Service

10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Pest Control Service

There are some pest problems that you can fix by using a combination of preventative measures and DIY techniques. However, there are instances where a pest control problem becomes too big or too complex to be dealt with on your own. If you have a pest infestation on your hands, you can’t just hire anyone off the street to help you eradicate your home of pests. Hiring a trusted professional with years of experience is essential. This article will provide you with ten questions you should ask a pest control company before hiring them.

1. How Long Have You Been In Business?

One of the best ways to gauge the professional experience of a pest control company is to ask how long they have been in business for. In general, the longer a company has been in business, the more experience they have, and the more expertise they have to treat your infestation adequately. This is not to say that you should never consider hiring a newer company. If you choose to contact a company that has not been in business for long, be sure to collect customer references and ask for testimonials.

2. Are You Bonded & Insured?

Every professional pest control company in the United States is required to have a license. Since each state has its regulations, it’s important to make sure the pest control company you are thinking about hiring is licensed in the state of Florida.

You should also make sure that the pest control company you are thinking about hiring is bonded. Being bonded is crucial because it will ensure that the pest control company is liable for any accidental damage they cause at your home.

3. Do You Have Guarantees On Your Service?

Exterminating a home of pests is no easy task. There are instances where a first treatment is not enough. Thus, it’s important to make sure the pest control company you hire guarantees their work. If you are provided a contract, make sure to read through all the fine print to make sure you fully understand all the terms of the contract as well as the company’s guarantee.

4. What Pesticides Do You Use?

Any pest control company should be able to disclose what pesticides they plan to use during treatment, as well as the potential hazards associated with these pesticides. If a pest control company does not tell you the specific pesticides they use, you should raise a red flag.

5.  Do You Offer Quotes In Writing?

Most people will request a quote any time they plan to get work done on their home. Most of the time these quotes are just estimates, and the actual service can end up costing much more. Some dishonest companies will provide you with a low quote to gain your business. That’s why it’s essential to request a written quote to help you avoid this type of treatment.

6. What Is Your Treatment Approach?

A trusted and experienced pest control company should be able to tell you how they plan to rid your home of a pest problem. They should be able to explain what pesticides will be used, why they will be used, and they should be able to disclose all the areas of your home that will be treated. Be sure to ask how they determine a treatment approach. This will help you gauge their knowledge in the field.

7. Are Your Pesticides Pet-Safe?

There are a good number of pesticides that are safe for people and pests, but unfortunately, there are some pesticides that can be extremely harmful to animals. If you have pets, it’s critical to disclose this information to all pest control companies you are considering hiring. You should reveal the species of animals you have so the pest control company can develop a plan that will keep your beloved pets safe.

8. Will We Have To Leave The House?

Depending on the types of chemicals used to eliminate pests, you may be required to leave your home. Be sure to ask the pest control company if you will need to leave your home during the treatment and if so, how long you will need to stay away for. Asking this question will help you make other arrangements if necessary.

9. Will Your Treatment Keep Pests Away For Good?

When you hire a pest control company, you expect your pest control problem to go away and stay away. Most pest control companies should have procedures in place to make sure that pests do not return. It’s important to understand a pest control company’s plan of action before you hire them, so nothing comes as a surprise.

10. Do You Have Customer References?

If a pest control company has a history of success, they should be happy to provide you with customer testimonials and references. If a company is unwilling to provide you with recommendations or at the least testimonials, it’s a good idea to seek out a different company.

Final Thoughts

Finding a trusted pest control company to help you rid your home of pests doesn’t have to be difficult. Asking the right questions up front can save you much money and a major headache in the form of poor service. We’ve provided you with ten excellent questions to ask any pest control company you are thinking about hiring. We are confident that any legitimate pest control company will be happy to answer your questions, and will provide answers to these questions in detail. If they are serious about gaining your business long-term, they should go out of their way to earn your trust.