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Ghost Ants Are Swarming Florida

At just 1/16 of an inch in length, ghost ants are tiny and difficult to control since they’re not really attracted to the average ant bait. They earned their name due to their unique coloring, which makes them very hard to see. Unlike other ants, which tend to be black, red, or other dark colors, ghost ants are very pale. They usually develop huge colonies, which can wreak havoc on your plants and garden. Their colonies can actually grow so large that they include thousands of worker ants and multiple queens. Ghost ants can cause serious problems in your home since it is an ideal nesting site for them. If you have recently been experiencing increasing issues with a ghost ant infestation in your yard or home, then be sure to contact Palm Coast Pest Control in Jupiter for a same-day inspection and free estimate. We have the experience and knowledge to help you reclaim your yard and home.

Why Ghost Ants Love Florida

Ghost ants are a tropical species, which means they absolutely love the weather that we have in central and south Florida. Ghost ants cannot survive the cold temperatures of more northern states, and since we never get the truly cooler temperatures these other states experience, ghost ants are never completely exterminated. Since they aren’t really attracted to ant baits, it’s important to locate the colonies and subcolonies in order to exterminate them. Ghost ants can be very difficult to control. They have multiple queens in a colony which can split into several colonies, causing an infestation. These ants are very resilient and will even carry their larvae to new locations. With proper control and maintenance, however, you can enjoy your home and yard once more without their presence.

Habits of Ghost Ants

Ghost ants typically make their nests outside and under the protection of various items, including landscape mulch, loose tree bark, ground cover, and potted plants. If you are working on home renovation projects and have piles of lumber, bricks, or firewood, then these could also be ideal nesting areas that you will want to regularly inspect.

It’s important to be aware that they enjoy building nests inside your home as much as outdoors. In fact, the space between the walls of your home creates an almost perfect place for them to build a nest. Additionally, ghost ants can nest under your carpeting or any other open spaces that your home may provide. You can find them nesting almost anywhere, and they usually find their way inside by going through cracks and gaps in the foundation. You can even find them bridging across tree branches and utility lines!

Tips for Controlling Ghost Ants

If you notice foragers in your kitchen or bathroom, then they are likely seeking sources of food or moisture. In fact, ghost ants love to go after sweets, so it’s best to never leave any opened food materials sitting out. If you’ve wondered why many Florida homes keep items such as butter, cereal, and sugar in the refrigerator, it’s probably to help control pests such as ghost ants. Here are a few more steps you can take to protect your home from an ant invasion:

  • Store food in tight containers
  • Wipe down counters after food prep
  • Sweep floors to pick up any crumbs that were dropped
  • Remove moisture sources
  • Remove plants that attract ants such as flowers and weeds
  • Seal any cracks or gaps in the foundation
  • Get rid of any piles of lumber or debris
  • Avoid building up mulch beyond two inches
  • Regularly prune trees and shrubs to keep them from touching your home

At Palm Coast Pest Control in Jupiter, we understand what a pain it is to try to eliminate ants in and around your home. Whether you are fighting an invasion from a ghost ant colony or one of the many other species of ants in Florida, we can help. Contact us today for professional assistance with exterminating the pests that are preventing you from fully enjoying your home or yard. We are here to help!