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Termite damage is rarely covered by homeowner’s insurance because polices provide coverage for sudden and accidental property damage, and termite damage is considered preventable through proper home maintenance. Prevention is the best way to avoid costs and the hassles of repairing your home. The Sentricon system has always active technology that starts protecting your home against subterranean termites once it enters the ground.

The termite bait inside the Sentricon stations is active all year long, and only needs to be monitored once a year. This highly durable bait is designed to remain in the soil long periods of time. Termites prefer it over the wood of your home, and they find it more palatable as it ages. There is enough active ingredient in just one station to eliminate a colony, and a colony could potentially contain one million plus termites. This makes the Sentricon system the most effective subterranean termite treatment option available. Even after a colony has been eliminated, Sentricon remains on guard, providing your home prevention from further infestation.

The Sentricon system is also environmentally responsible. It poses no threat to humans, pets or the environment. With Sentricon there is no digging or chemicals injected into the ground.

These stations get placed around the perimeter of the home, and are easily hidden when placed into the ground. So, if you’re looking to get your home protected, Palm Coast Pest Control is certified in Sentricon, and ready to service your property!