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Lawn care is a critical aspect of ensuring your business is sending the right message to visitors and customers. If visitors to your business notice that the lawn is overgrown or dead, or overrun with pests, they may draw conclusions that aren’t accurate about the way you run your company. It seems extreme, but people do often judge based on appearance, so it’s in your best interest to keep your lawn looking great. At Palm Coast Pest Control, we’re proud to offer commercial lawn care, including lawn and ornamental fertilization, lawn and ornamental insect and fungus control, weed control, and fire ant control.

Why Do You Need Commercial Lawn Care for Your Florida Business?

The sand in Florida soil prevents the dirt from retaining and storing nutrients and water very well, so without proper care, it can become diseased and die off. Additionally, because the Florida climate is friendly toward the growth and breeding of pests, if you’re not keeping up with lawn care and maintenance, your lawn can become overrun with pests.

Pest invaders attack stems and roots of the grass, causing damage to the overall health of your lawn and plants. Identifying problems and treating them as soon as you noticed them is critical to keeping your lawn looking great.

Palm Coast Pest Control is proud to offer complete commercial lawn care in Florida, particularly in Jupiter and the surrounding areas. The first step to a healthy lawn involves proper mowing, trimming, and watering, and done properly, these three simple things can help bring even the poorest and most desolate looking lawns back to life.

Palm Coast Pest Control also offers commercial lawn and ornamental fertilization, insect and fungus control, weed control, and fire ant control.

Lawn and ornamental fertilization helps ensure that your landscaping looks bright and alive. All plant life requires certain chemical elements for proper growth and appearance, and all essential elements, except oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen need to be absorbed from the soil. However, if the soil does not have an adequate amount of nutrients—which is a common situation in Florida-your lawn and landscape’s appearance can suffer.

Palm Coast Pest Control has over 20 years of experience with lawn and ornamental fertilization, which helps lawns and landscaping grow strong and bright. With the proper care, fertilizer, and pest management plans, your landscaping will look great.

Commercial lawn care in Jupiter, FL also includes insect and fungus control. Pests that live on, under, in, or around the grass and plants can affect your landscaping, and when you work with Palm Coast Pest Control, we’ll make sure to implement a plan that takes this into consideration as well, so that your lawn and landscaping looks its best.

weedcontrolctaWe utilize blanket treatments for lawn & ornamental pests and diseases as well an ongoing IPM (Integrated Pest Management) protocol. IPM allows us to be on or around your property more frequently and to continually identify and treat issues as they arise.

Our Commercial Lawn & Ornamental services include:

  • Fertilization
  • Pest & Disease Control
  • Weed Control

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