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The mere thought of bed bugs is enough to make most property owners’ skin crawl. If you are concerned that your Jupiter residence or commercial facility has a bed bug infestation, you want affordable and effective bed bug extermination services to help restore your peace of mind. Palm Coast Pest Control provides industry-leading pest control services across Florida, including bed bug treatments, and we would love to help you rid your home of these pesky bugs. Contact our team today to get started!

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

The trouble with these pesky bugs is that they are most active at night, making them challenging for homeowners to identify in the absence of expert assistance. They can also be easily confused with other insects, adding to the challenge of proper identification. Adult bed bugs are reddish-brown in color and have small, flat, oval-shaped bodies. Although there is a common misconception that these bugs cannot be seen with the naked eye, they are slow crawlers and can grow to be as big as an appleseed, making adults easy to spot. Much like other insects, when you spot one, the likelihood of more of them hiding out in your home is very high.

How Did They Get In My Home?

For years, people mistakenly believed that bed bugs were only found in homes that had dirty, unsanitary conditions. In truth, bed bugs have been discovered in a wide variety of locations, including clean, pristine homes, taxis, and even medical facilities. These insects are expert hitchhikers, and many times, they find their way into suitcases, bags, and clothing. Once unsuspecting travelers arrive home, bed bugs invade. They can also catch a ride on the clothes you are wearing if you spend time in a home that has an active infestation.

How Can I Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

When it comes to effective bed bug extermination, DIY and internet tutorials pale in comparison to professional treatment methods. Contacting an experienced pest control company is critical if you have discovered signs of bed bugs in your Jupiter home or commercial facility or if you suspect you have been bitten by one. Doing so in a timely manner allows a trained technician to properly identify the troublesome pest, determine the extent of the infestation, and devise an effective bed bug extermination plan to efficiently remove them from the property.

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