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mouse1Trapping Bait Stations & Monitoring

With evidence of rodent activity or with rodents in the neighborhood, Palm Coast Pest Control will assess the extent of infestation and provide a tailored protocol to eliminate the rodents.

Rodent Bait Stations provide a safe and expedient way to impact rodent populations. Our bait boxes are locked and placed out of site (when possible) and include a rodenticide which impacts the rodent after only one feeding. Our bait stations will be monitored on either a monthly or bi-monthly basis or more frequently dependent upon your needs.

Initially, we may need to set traps. If so, we will monitor the traps and remove any rodents trapped.

rat3Rodent Exclusion Service

If rodents have already accessed your structure, Palm Coast Pest Control offers a Rodent Exclusion to fix/repair your structure and protect against future entry and activity. A Rodent Exclusion consists of the following:

  • Repair or elimination of all rodent accesses
  • Sanitization of certain accessible areas in attic
  • Trap and removal of rodents in structure
  • 1 Year Guarantee


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