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termites3SUBTERRANEAN TERMITES are the most active and prolific wood destroying organism in the United States. Subterranean termites establish their colonies in the soil and forage to their food source, cellulose. That source may be mulch, dead tree stumps or branches, structural wood or cosmetic trim in structures and wood or laminate flooring. Subterranean termites have the ability to travel across, over or through non-cellulose materials by creating mud tunnels. This allows the colony to forage for a wood source through concrete, pvc or metal components. They only need a space of 1/64th of an inch to access your structure. Some termites can establish colonies and create significant damage in as little as 6 months.

Have your home inspected annually!

The cost of a Preventative Program could save you thousands!

Construction Pre-Treat Services

At Palm Coast Pest Control we have been providing pre-construction subterranean termite soil treatments to commercial as well as residential accounts for over 2 decades.

With Palm Coast Pest Control you can expect:

  • On time reliable service technicians
  • Convenient flexible service times
  • Precise application measures following label specifications with quality products
  • Follow up services on patios, driveways, and final grade treatments according to code
  • Detailed warranties and certificates required by the County, in a timely manner
  • Annual Termite Renewal bonds offered to residents

Subterranean Termite pretreatments: Palm Coast Pest Control guarantees a quality service at a quality price.

Renewal Bonds - Our Termite Renewal Program

Protect your home before it is too late!

Annual Termite Renewal programs allow you to protect your home from certain future termite treatments. Annual inspections are performed by a licensed pest and termite control operator.

Renew in advance for 4 years and receive the 5th year absolutely FREE, locking in your renewal rate for 5 years!

WDO Reports

Certified Report: Wood Destroyihng Organism Report (WDO)

Palm Coast Pest Control is licensed and certified to provide WDO reports.

Call our offices and we will schedule your inspection within 48 hours.

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