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Lawn care in Jupiter, FL should be a priority for you and your business. Making sure that you present a good appearance is important to your success. Maintaining cleanliness and an attractive façade is vital to your business’ image. At Palm Coast Pest Control, we’ve got the experience and expertise necessary for ensuring that your lawns and landscapes look their best. Our commercial lawn and ornamental services include weed control, pest and disease control, and fertilization, so you can rest assured that you’ll be able to give off the best impression to your visitors and customers.

If you have questions about any of our services, or want to learn more about the commercial lawn care in Florida that we do, feel free to give us a call any time. We’re dedicated to our work and we’ll make sure that you’re completely satisfied with the job that we do. We’ll work with you to continually identify and treat issues with your lawn as they happen.

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The sand in Florida's soil prevents it from retaining or storing, nutrients. Consequently, nutrients must be provided much in the same way as a parent provides nutrients for a child who doesn't eat the right foods. Pest invaders attack stems and roots causing damage to the overall health of your lawns and plants. Quick identification and treatment is the only way to prevent disease from spreading.

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fertilizerphotoLawn & Ornamental Fertilization

Homeowners envy the individual with the most beautiful lawn and landscaping. However, most don't have the time or knowledge to provide the necessary attention. A beautiful lawn and ornamental plants require proper fertilization, watering, pest control and maintenance.

All plants require certain chemical elements for proper growth and appearance. All essential elements except carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen are obtained from the soil and absorbed by plant roots. If adequate nutrients are not available in the soil, as is the case in many South Florida neighborhoods, your lawn and landscape quality may be limited. However, essential elements can be added to your soil through fertilizer application.

Palm Coast Pest Control has over 20 years experience in lawn and ornamental fertilization.

With the proper fertilizer and pest management protocols, your property will be the one envied in your neighborhood.

fungusctaLawn & Ornamental Insect & Fungus Control

Insects, fungus and disease can be destructive to Florida lawns and ornamental plants.

Your landscaping can be negatively impacted by pests which live on, in, under and around the plant. These pests destroy vegetation by sucking the juices from the plant, by consuming the foliage (grass and leaves) and new growth and by eating and disrupting plant roots.

Lawn and ornamental diseases are also problematic in the Florida climate. Warm temperatures and moisture promote many such issues specifically fungi, spot diseases and mold.

At Palm Coast Pest Control, our Technicians are trained and knowledgeable on how to treat and minimize the impact of insects, fungi and diseases.
With the proper fertilizer and pest management protocols, your property will be the one envied in your neighborhood.

weedingctaWeed Control

Not only does the Florida climate support many insects, but also the extensive moisture in summer and lack of moisture in winter combined with a mild climate, provides for the proliferation of many unwanted grasses and plants.

At Palm Coast Pest Control we have been managing weed control for over 20 years. Our Technicians will establish a strategic protocol utilizing the greenest and most effective herbicides to provide you with a healthier and greener landscape.

Combining our Fertilization service with a Weed Control Program will aid in keeping your lawn thick and healthy.

Making sure your lawns look great and are safe isn’t difficult.  Our technicians will establish a strategic plan to continually utilize the most effective herbicides to provide your business with a greener landscape.

fireantctaFire Ant Control

Fire ants can be very destructive and dangerous, as well, as they pose harm to your company’s visitors and customers, particularly if they’ve taken over large parts of the commercial landscape. A professional should take care of fire ants, determining whether granules, bait, or a liquid product will be the best route to take them out.

Make sure you have a proven professional attack your Fire Ant problem. Our Technicians will evaluate your problem and treat your lawn with a liquid, bait and/or granular product to attack and destroy your infestation.

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