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Finding mounds of soil in your lawn? Noticing movement under the sod? Those are key indicators of a presence of moles. If you’re having moles, here at Palm Coast Pest we can provide you a lawn treatment to kill off the mole’s food source. Moles will eat mostly insects, grubs and worms as they are insectivores.

Moles are generally around 6-8 inches long, have soft brown to dark gray fur and long snouts that protrude about an inch. The most distinguished feature of moles, however is their oversized front feet that have paddle shaped hands and large sharp claws. You most likely won’t actually see the moles because they spend most of their time underground only rarely making an above ground appearance.

The damage they cause isn’t because of feeding on grass and plants but rather mole damages occur as they dig and forage for food. Since moles require a lot of food for energy, they eat more than their one-pound body weight in food each day.

The most likely sign that you will notice when moles have infested are the mole mounds, they create while tunneling under your lawn or garden to create nesting burrows and pathways to lead them to food sources. The mounds are only a few inches high, but this is a poor indicator of the actual damage below the surface. Even though the tunnels are created beneath the ground, over time, they will become visible above ground appearing as raised lined in your lawn.

The tunnels that they use for feeding are often zig zagging and shallower than the ones they dig to travel through. These tunnels damage the roots of the grass and plants which eventually causes them to die. Feeding tunnels are used until the food source in that tunnel are exhausted, and then new tunnels will be created. The damages often become severe in a short amount of time.

When grubs and other immature stages of lawn pest insects are in high numbers, moles will be attracted to your lawn. The first step in eliminating a mole problem is to eliminate their food source of insects, grubs, worms, etc. If after treating the lawn for insects you find the mole problem still exists a granular mole bait can be used to finish eliminating off the problem.