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It’s not uncommon to purchase a box of noodles or bag of rice to find that it’s been packaged with pests, but don’t fret this also doesn’t happen all the time. Stored product pests can include beetles, weevils, moths and mites. These pests can infest whole grains or processed foods.

The first sign of a problem is normally the appearance of small beetles crawling through pantries and countertops. The solution requires finding and removing all infested products in which these pests have developed. A general clean up, and use of sealed storage containers can prevent reoccurring problems.

While adults are the signs of an infestation, just killing them is not the solution. Infested items must be found and removed. Identification of the particular product pest can provide clues on where to look. Though some of these insects can live on a wide range of materials.

The greater number of insects seen, the older the infestation. Often the initial source is partially used boxes or bags of products that have been forgotten in the back of the pantries and shelves. The infestation can spread as active adults search for new food sources. A thorough search is needed to find all infested items. If they’re not found in pantries or cupboards, then begin to look at such things as decorative items or bird seed. Most often they have been seen in items like rice, noodles, cereals and dog food.

After removing the infested products, you must thoroughly vacuum all the shelves. Using good sanitation and using proper storage will be key to prevent future problems. Its always best to place products from cardboard, paper or plastic into jars or other containers that can be sealed tightly.

Stored product pests can be nerve racking, but have no worries because once the source is removed so will the infestation.