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We’re all excited for summer, but not the pests that come with it! The pests we’re talking about today is specifically mosquitoes. When it comes to treating for mosquitoes, here at Palm Coast Pest, we can offer you either a mosquito misting or our In2Care mosquito traps.

In2Care: Using these traps will lure and contaminate all mosquitoes that come in contact with it. These traps contain a special, slow killing material. When a mosquito touches it, they become contaminated and will spread this material to all other breeding sites that they come in contact with. This not only kills the infected mosquito, but also all the larvae in these breeding sites. This also includes the vicinity around it. The infected mosquito will die in a few days preventing them from transmitting any viruses.

Mosquito Misting: A misting involves treating the vegetation as well as any areas that hold standing water. This material is most often applied to the foliage that adult mosquitoes use for sheltered resting and breeding sites.  

Using either treatment will not only reduce the population but also the risk of disease transmission is lowered significantly.

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