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Coastal Exterminator Tips for Pest-Free Apartments

Pests are indiscriminate when it comes to the homes that they invade, and though we often think of single-family homes when we talk about residential pest control, the truth is that those who live in apartments are just as susceptible to frustrating infestations. Here at Palm Coast Pest Control, we are here to help you keep your home free of unwanted pests, regardless of what type of home you have. Today, our coastal exterminators provide renters four tips for keeping pests out of their apartments. Let’s take a look at them now.

4 Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your Apartment

Check All Packages

You might be excited to open your most recent Amazon delivery, but before you do, be sure that you carefully inspect the box for any evidence of pests. These cardboard boxes often make many stops before arriving on your doorstep, and it is not uncommon for them to pick up pests along the way. The same goes for any groceries that you bring home — better to do a quick inspection than end up with a pantry pest infestation.

Inspect Suitcases After Travel

Many people mistakenly believe that bed bugs only infest homes that are dirty or unsanitary. However, the truth is that any property is susceptible to a bed bug infestation, and many infestations begin with bringing home bed bugs in suitcases. Before storing your suitcases away for your next adventure, it can be very beneficial to closely inspect all of the seams and vacuum them out, disposing the bag in a sealed trash can.

Be Wary of Used Furniture

It’s always fun to score a good deal on a piece of quality used furniture. Whether you are buying secondhand furniture because your budget won’t allow for new pieces, or you like buying used furniture and restoring it to suit your home decor, be wary of the possible pests that could be living in it. Bed bugs, certain types of beetles, and other pests have been known to make their grand entrance on used pieces of furniture.

Keep a Clean Apartment

Finally, it might seem like a no-brainer, but it is worth mentioning that keeping a clean apartment is an excellent first line of defense against unwanted pests. Simple tasks like cleaning your kitchen counters, wiping up spills quickly, and storing food in tightly sealed containers can go a long way in preventing infestations. Likewise, be sure your garbage is kept in a sealed receptacle, vacuum at least once a week, and notify apartment management of any leaks right away.

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