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Popular Backyard Mosquito Breeding Spots

We’ve all experienced the frustration of getting bit by relentless mosquitoes while we are trying to enjoy time outdoors with friends and family. These pesky little insects are incredibly skilled at ruining our fun, but did you know that they are also known transmitters of Zika and West Nile virus? In an effort to protect their family, many Florida homeowners to seek professional mosquito treatment during the height of mosquito season. In today’s post, we will review a few of the most common backyard breeding spots for mosquitos and the benefits of hiring a skilled pest control company for your insect control needs.

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Where Do Mosquitoes Hide?

This is a question that our pest control technicians are asked all the time. Mosquitoes love to hide in shaded, moist areas, and they lay their eggs in standing water. Some species only require an inch of water to lay their eggs. Check out some of the most common backyard breeding spots below.


As a staple in many backyards, these decorative items do a wonderful job of attracting native birds. However, if there is old, stagnant water in the birdbath, it provides the perfect spot for a mosquito to lay its eggs. Draining and changing the water in your birdbath can make it a less desirable breeding spot.


Gutters are an integral part of your home’s drainage system. If they get clogged, water can build up in them. Unless you clean your gutters very frequently, they could be home to thousands of mosquito eggs waiting to hatch. Removing leaves and other debris from your gutters will prevent them from clogging and allowing water to pool in them.

Children’s Toys

If you have children, then you probably have a couple of their toys laying around in your backyard. Baby pools, tire swings, toy dump trucks, and other children’s toys can collect water if left out in the yard for too long. Picking up the toys will eliminate another source of pooled water that is ideal for mosquito breeding.

Potted Plants

Many homeowners love the beauty that potted plants and flowers lend to their outdoor spaces. While outdoor flowers look and smell great, they can also provide mosquitoes with yet another perfect breeding spot. To prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs in your potted plants, be sure not to overwater the plants and drain any stagnant water that has collected in the saucers below.

Benefits of Professional Mosquito Treatments

Knowing where mosquitoes prefer to breed is an important element of effective mosquito control. However, keeping your family safe from these troublesome insects involves a lot more than eliminating the breeding spots and using DIY repellents and foggers. Hiring a reputable pest control company, like Palm Coast Pest Control, for your professional mosquito treatments comes with many benefits, including:

  • Knowledge and training. Our team of technicians is incredibly knowledgeable about mosquitoes, including species that are native and known for transmitting West Nile and Zika virus. Additionally, they have been specially trained in techniques that have proven effective for eliminating biters and their larvae.
  • Safety. Attempting your own pest control might seem like a good idea, but you could actually wind up doing more harm than good. Store-bought pesticides contain chemicals that can be dangerous to pets and people if used improperly. You won’t have to worry about this when you call in a professional.
  • Time and money savings. Citronella candles, mosquito magnets, and other DIY mosquito control products are expensive. Even worse, they may not be designed to work effectively for your infestation or outdoor space. By hiring a professional to provide mosquito control, you can save time and money knowing it was done right the first time.
  • Peace of mind. It can be frustrating to drop hundreds of dollars on store-bought pest control products just to have them not work. When you spend your hard-earned money on pest control solutions, you deserve the peace of mind that only a professional’s skill and knowledge can provide.
  • Education. Have you ever been curious about a mosquito’s breeding habits? Would you like individualized feedback on how to best defend your outdoor spaces against these bothersome pests? Our technicians love sharing their knowledge with customers and they are happy to answer any questions you have about mosquitoes to ensure your safety and comfort.

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Florida’s First Choice for Professional Mosquito Control

Troublesome mosquitoes can be more than just a nuisance for you and your family. Not only can they turn a pleasant day or night outside into a frustrating experience, the Aedes mosquito can also infect unprotected residents with Zika virus. Store-bought mosquito control products, like candles and sprays, are only so effective at protecting you from bites. For the ultimate protection, you need professional mosquito treatments that are proven to eliminate biters and their larvae.

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